Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Libby! SR 2011

Meet Libby. : ) She is a senior at Ft.Gibson high school this year and i had the pleasure of working with her! I had such a great time, she made my job too easy! Thanks Girl! : )

i loved too many from her session...I think i had about 20 top favs i wanted to post... : /

Picture Party-childrens photography

I photographed our 4th semi annual pic party at Gwens house last week, haha! true tho...here are a few of my favs...it's so fun to see these little ones growing so fast! : )

ok I have officially found 2 children that aren't amused by me acting a fool all for the sake of good photos! : ( Miss Kenna is one of them and the other ill get posted later...lol I just always seem to have a rough time with her darn it! im gonna get a smile one of these days! : )
and this little guy...oh so dear. : )

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Michael and Amanda-Wedding Day!!

wooohoooooo!!!! got em posted!! thanks amanda for your patients. : ) Love y'all!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Adelae Joy- newborn pics

awhhhh... This is Adelae. Born July 2nd... the daughter of Jenn and Jared who i have already grown to just adore from our first session. They're such proud little parents, just being in their home with their new baby girl was an incredible feeling...the love is contagious! Just makes ya happy. : )

How about that! A big smile for her favorite photographer!! Thanks baby girl. ; )

Drake-6 months!

This is my little man Drake! I feel so blessed to have met Michelle and Michael his parents last year...well almost two years ago...anyway this is our 3rd session with Drake in 6 months and i have to say this is the least amount of enthusiasm i have ever seen from a 6 month old!!! lol that lip!! : )

mix of pix

Kelsey Carr-SR from Jenks...this is a few pages from the book i did for her this past May...These are hardback books designed to match your personal style...everything from the color scheme to the design styles on each page...What you're seeing here is: first the back cover, the spine of the book, then the front cover...
these books are designed to fit every image you want! Silly stuff and all the pictures you like a lot but don't necessarily want to pass around to all your friends...

this page was a full 2 page spread to end the book...

Below is Will and Andrew Mann...not brothers, just cousin but we had to get some pics for their grandma....haha by the time i left their house I was terribly worried I didn't get ONE good shot of EITHER of them, much less together...lol they had Patsi(the gma) and I running around all over that yard! haha Fun times!
Just a montage I threw together for Will and Andrews grandma! ; ) oh man were they a handful! love 'em but a handful!! : ) Think next time i better have a Red Bull first! lol